Togs offers a selection of services that address the individual needs of each child according to our 'Five to Thrive'. From attractive packages of pre-loved goods lovingly created in our Donation Centre, to services out with; you can access our full list of options through our referral form.

Our ‘Bank’ and Tog-Link

We offer as many items and services as possible either in-house or through partnership working.

What is a referral & how does it work?

A referral can be made by anyone who is not a friend or family member/carer of the child. The reasons for referral are varied, from financial pressure due to changes in circumstances to the general effects of living in a low or single income family. Over one in four children in Dundee are officially living 'in poverty'.

We welcome referrals from the following list of people. If it is you that is in need of support, please ask one of the following people that you have contact with and direct them to our referral form.

  • Healthcare professionals e.g. Health Visitors, Midwives
  • Charities
  • Non profit organisations
  • Toddlers/ kids groups leaders in contact with families in need
  • School and nursery staff
  • Volunteers/ befrienders
  • Council staff who work with families
  • Job and government advice centres
  • Social and Support workers
Referral form

What items can Togs offer?

Togs has a store of great quality items donated by our kids community.

In every clothing package give a 'weeks worth wardrobe' that will save on laundry costs for the carer and have everything required for that season. We like to include, small toys, books and toiletries in every pack.

Well fitting and Weather appropriate shoes for every season are essential for comfort in play and school.

Maternity Items
We help expectant mothers with maternity clothes, hospital bag items and post birth sanitary products.

Baby equipment
From cots and buggies to high chairs and feeding equipment, if you need it we can get it.

We can provide bedding for any size of bed from Moses to Double

Because of space we can only provide beds up to Cot Bed/Junior size.

The right to learn through play is important to us here at Togs. Toys and books for all age groups are available.

Toiletries and Baby Care Items
We have basic toiletries including tooth care, deodorant, body wash and shampoo for kids and young people as well as nappies, wipes, body wash and nappy cream for babies.

Referral form

Partner Services

Tog-link enables local businesses to give back to their community by matching their kind offer of limited goods or services to people we know that would benefit. From esteem building hairdressing to health boosting carpet cleaning, we love to help traditional businesses reach vulnerable families with ease. If you're business wants to partner up with Togs, we would love to hear from you.


At Freedom Hair Experience, our job is to make our clients look and feel good about themselves. When you feel good, your confidence and ability to take on the challenges of life increase, so we're very happy to support Togs for Tots by offering our hairdressing services by referral.

Birthday Cake

'Cakes For Kids' provides free birthday cakes, delivered to the homes of kids whose families might not otherwise be able to provide one. There's a choice of Pic 'N' Mix Victoria Sponge or OTT Chocolate Cake and cakes can be tweaked to suit different ages and for a boy or girl. Jessies Kitchen are honoured and delighted to provide these cakes, because we firmly believe cakes are important; cakes make people smile!

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning can be an expensive luxury for most families. 'The Carpet Cleaners' Dundee share the belief that a child needs a clean floor to play on to reduce the risk of worsening illnesses that vulnerable children can often suffer. This business can offer up to two carpets that children play on e.g bedroom and living room per household cleaned and freshened with their antibacterial treatment.

Family Photography

Jordan will never forget when she visited a family and noticed that the Mum had an enlarged version of the sample school photograph in a frame, complete with watermark over her child's face. She couldn’t afford the school photo never mind a fancy professional shoot for her children. Along with professional photographer Kathryn Rattray and other fine photographers, 'BEST SELF' portraits can offer family and kids photoshoots through referral for those who need their spirits lifted and a lovely keepsake.